Group Turns 20

As engineers, we’re better at talking about inanimate objects than ourselves, but we feel compelled to update you on the many happenings at GROUP Engineering. Did you know that as a business, we are now over 20 years old? We’ve gone from strength to strength and now have a number of groundbreaking achievements under our belt.

Group Engineering - Celebrating 20 Years


We are the go-to people for all your engineering needs. GROUP Engineering has the skills, experience and equipment to take on multi-disciplinary packages from start to finish with extensive experience in maintenance, process and productivity improvement. If required, we can provide ongoing support beyond project completion. We also have solid relationships with other experienced specialist suppliers, including our business alliances, which ensures projects are managed practically, cost-effectively and to deadline. We’ll always strive to find the best solution, no matter what your engineering needs.

Our services include:

  • ENGINEERING DESIGN – Mechanical Electrical, Structural Civil, Control System, Engineering, and Systems Integration
  • DESIGN & DETAIL DRAFTING – Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Using the Latest Automated Techniques
  • INSPECTION & EXPEDITING – Overhauls and Shutdowns, Dimension Checking, Mechanical and Electrical, Hazardous Area Audits and Reporting
  • OVERHAUL MANAGEMENT – Work Scope, Planning, Tender Documents, Tender Assessment, Off-Site Supervision and Pre & Post Hire Inspection
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Tender Documents, Tender Evaluation, Time Scheduling, Cost Control Planning and Organisation and Developing Project Management Systems
  • COMMISSIONING – Electrical/Mechanical, Developing Commissioning Procedures and Site Commissioning Services
  • MAINTENANCE AUDITS – Systems, Practices, Outsourcing, Contract Management, Maintenance Planning, Complete Maintenance Systems Audits and Maintenance Systems Development
  • ON-SITE INSPECTION – Wash Plants, Coal Plants, Conveyors, Draglines and Drills
  • SITE SUPERVISION – Relief Supervision, Major Shutdowns, Construction, Commissioning and Owners Representative
  • DRAWING SCANNING – Scan and Clean Up, Colour Scanning, Image Retrieval and Viewing Hardware, Raster Editing, Vector Editing, Drawing File Management and Conversion of Prints into Editable CAD Files
  • GROUP PRODUCTS AND INNOVATION – Research and Development for new products or technology when required. Just because it’s never been done, doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Group Engineering finds solutions to problems even if it means we become pioneers. Group has developed a number of new, innovative products to address customer need including:
    • IR belt profile scanning systems
    • Underground MINE Video Cameras including thermal-imaging and data recording
    • Specialised machines developed to suit customer needs
    • MOWECS 
    • 3D Collision Detection
    • Solar GROUP Energy Hubs
    • SPLICEMATE conveyor belt automated splicer