Group Turns 20

As engineers, we’re better at talking about inanimate objects than ourselves, but we feel compelled to update you on the many happenings at GROUP Engineering. Did you know that as a business, we are now over 20 years old? We’ve gone from strength to strength and now have a number of groundbreaking achievements under our belt.

Group Engineering - Celebrating 20 Years
Wednesday, 01 June 2011 16:45

GROUP NISSEN HC01 Belt Profiler Product Launch Successful

NISSEN HC01 Belt Profiler Gala event product launch received Australia Wide Media attention with the majourity of Mining industry magazines running full page features. 

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Rodin Genoff from Rodin Genoff & Associates makes a very impressive and expressive speech.

The MAIN Game has been an initiative designed to connect Mackay region companies developing innovative products with the necessary expertise to reach the world markets

The initiative evolved from the MAIN Game report developed by Rodin Benoff and Associates in partnership with MAIN.

"A new generation of Mackay mining, engineering, electronics and IT companies, whether working in consortia or directly collaborating with global equipment suppliers, are making an important contribution to regional innovation while generating important import replacement and export development opportunities," Mr Genoff said.
Allan Ruming and Flemming Nissen proudly show off the NISSEN HC01 Belt Profiler Unit at the MAIN Game event product launch.

"The scanner provides a good visual of what is actually happening on the belt, tracking a whole range of belt conditions and product parameters," Allan Ruming GROUP Engineering Managing Director said.
Dr Bill McQuinny, Charlie Brownlow and Flemming Nissen from GROUP Engineering at the MAIN Game Launch. 
Dining out at the MAIN Game Launch. 
Local Industry representatives Victor McCulloch from DMS Group, and Tony Britton from JSIS  attend the MAIN Game Launch function.
  Andrew Peterson (Pro Design), Rob Geddes (Pro Design) and Kurt Martin (Sick Pty Ltd). 

GROUP Engineering entered a collaborative project with MAIN, QDEEDI (Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation), and Industrial Designers 'Pro Design' for the final phases of developing the scanner idea into a marketable product.

"The Collaborative process between those parties had created an innovative product which would have applications mining operations worldwide," said Robert Geddes from Pro Design.
  Local Industry representatives Wade Salter (Kap Mining), Mike Robin (Enterprise Connect), and  Damien Martin (Kap Mining) at the GROUP Engineering and MAIN Game Winning Collaborations Project event.