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Access Control Systems



GROUP CCTV can supply a range of access control systems fro personnel access control through to vehicle access control. Access control systems can be fully integrated with CCTV systems to allow visual confirmation on personnel entry and exit. As an engineering company, we understand the importance of a properly engineered solution. We know that it isn't just a matter of buying good components, they must be compatible and able to work together to give the desired result, a cost effective, reliable solution.

Electronic door control

Control of access doors can be achieved using

·         swipe cards,

·         number pads which require a PIN number to be entered

·         proximity cards with differing ranges

·         retina or fingerprint scanners

These card entry systems can operate for entry only, or entry and exit, with fire alarm integration to ensure egress is not impeded in case of a fire.

The access systems can be stand-alone units, or linked via a RS485 or Ethernet LAN to a central controller or PC.


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Integration with CCTV

All door alarms and control signals can be connected to the DVR to allow indexing of video footage by alarm (or control) event.



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Our partners design and install access control gates which can be fully integrated into an access control solution. The products offered include:

·         personal access turnstiles, 

·         boom gates for vehicle and pedestrian control,

·         swing gates

·         rising steps which are set into roadways,

·         cantilever gate systems which require minimal earthworks for installation,


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Viewing and Control

Viewing and control of access control systems uses a dedicated PC running specialised software. This allows real-time control of access points and manual access control if required. All attempts at access are recorded in software logs which show entry times and ID used. If integrated with our CCTV systems, an event search will allow video footage of the entry attempt to be quickly viewed and copied to DVD for further action if necessary.





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