Group Turns 20

As engineers, we’re better at talking about inanimate objects than ourselves, but we feel compelled to update you on the many happenings at GROUP Engineering. Did you know that as a business, we are now over 20 years old? We’ve gone from strength to strength and now have a number of groundbreaking achievements under our belt.

Group Engineering - Celebrating 20 Years
Tuesday, 27 March 2012 11:06

CAMPBELL Newman visits GROUP Engineering and GROUP CCTV

Campbell Newman and other LNP members and media visited GROUP Engineering and GROUP CCTV Staff in Mackay for a bbq breakfast function.  


Mackay Daily Mercury reports Campbell Newman visit and picture of Campbell speaking to GROUP Engineering and GROUP CCTV staff




Debbie Porter, Campbell Newman, Steve Porter, Roger Martin, Allan Ruming stand in front of the 'Energy Hub' Product.
Campbell Newman looks on with great interest as Fraser Dawson shows off the 'Energy Hub' Product.
Kevin Forbes-Smith, Henk Swanepoel, and Don Crichton from GROUP Engineering at the Breakfast.
Campbell Newman shows interest in the methonol electricity generator that is part of the 'Energy Hub' product.
John Kerslake, Jason Costigan, and Campbell Newman, chat with Professional Engineers Lisa Lee and Claire Ryan.